Summer City Camps

The Summer City Camps are the summer holiday care offer Stadt Wien – Bildung und außerschulische Jugendbetreuung in cooperation with the Viennese educational, leisure and sports organizations: Wiener Familienbund, Wiener Kinderfreunde, Verein Zeit!Raum, Hi Jump Wien, ASKÖ-WAT Wien, Wiener Volkshochschulen und Interface Wien.

In this educational offer, Interface Wien implements courses for Viennese elementary school students in German and mathematics („WuSeL – Wissen und Spiel, entdeckendes Lernen“, vormals „Das fliegende Klassenzimmer“), the children’s program with learning support for elementary school students.

The leisure activities also include excursions into nature, cultural experiences, workshops on creativity, natural sciences, and technology, swimming courses, as well as bicycle courses for children between 8 and 11 years old.

Impact figures for 2022 at a glance

Number of participants

"Das fliegende Klassenzimmer" ("The Flying Classroom")
German language support: 8280 children
Support in mathematics (as a pilot): 600 children

Number of participants

Learning support for elementary school students
1292 children

Number of participants

Youth program with learning support
579 young people


Funding data

Project duration

Target figures for 2024 (for the courses offered by Interface Wien)

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