Basisbildung Interface Wien

The Basisbildung Interface Wien project offers basic education courses for newly arrived people in Vienna who would like to expand their linguistic skills in German as a second language, in English, as well as their mathematical and digital skills.

The project includes two course offerings: InterSpace – courses for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 and Mama Learns German – courses for women aged 18 and over.

Social support and childcare round off the course offerings.

Both courses are free.

The project aims to prepare newly arrived people who need basic education for entry into the education system or the labor market and to actively support them in doing so.

Impact figures for 2023 at a glance

Number of courses & course places

For teenagers and young adults: 78 courses with 663 course places
For women and mothers: 31 courses with 287 course places

Number of participants

For teenagers and young adults: 297 (including 25% female)
For women and mothers: 217

Countries of origin

(5 largest origin groups)
For teenagers and young adults: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Albania, Türkiye
For women and mothers: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Türkiye, Iran


Funding data

Project duration

Target figures

Funded by

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