MALVA Startbegleitung für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine

The MALVA project is aimed at refugees from Ukraine and covers all important topics related to their settlement in Vienna. This includes, among other things, registering with authorities and offices, applying for financial benefits, learning German, looking for a job and looking for a place at school and kindergarten.

Psychosocial and psychological counselling for children and young people round off the counselling offering.

The free counselling is part of the Vienna Refugee Aid and is offered in the languages Ukrainian, Russian, Chechen, Georgian, English, Dari/Farsi, and German.

Impact figures for 2022 at a glance

Number of advisory services

2,271 consultations
357 case processing

Number of clients

786 primary clients
1,370 total (including family members)


Funding data

Project duration

Funded by

Fördergeberhinweis Startbegleitung für Asylberechtigte
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