The Wiener Sommerdeutschkurse project is part of the WienerSommerLerneng initiative of the City of Vienna. Interface Wien organizes German courses for non-regular students from Viennese elementary and middle schools, the AHS lower school as well as polytechnic and technical middle schools.

The Wiener Sommerdeutschkurse enable non-regular students to receive additional and free German support during their school-free period to give them a better start to the new school year.

The positive course completion (at least 70% attendance) entitles the project participants to take an additional MIKA-D test in the first two weeks of school in the following school year.

The project provides the course participants with another opportunity to switch to regular schooling early in the follwoing school year.

Impact figures for 2023 at a glance

Number of course places

Offered: 2760 course places
Proven: 2496 course places (90% occupancy)

Number of course completions

Positive completion: 2314
90,9 % Course success

Number of MIKA-D test attempts

60% of the participants
(according to parent survey)

First languages of the students

(5 largest language groups)
Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian, Farsi, Turkish


Funding data

Project duration

Funded by

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