Without writing does not mean speechless

A good book for the next rainy day? One where the sun really rises in your heart? That makes you think and still makes you smile? Look no further – here it is!

Under the title "Schriftlos heißt nicht sprachlos – Kaleidoskop der Worte: Spiegelungen, bunte Bilder und vielfältige Perspektiven“, the Zentrale Beratungsstelle für Basisbildung und Alphabetisierung publishes new reading material and thus offers learners from basic education the big stage!

Also participants in our basic education program InterSpace – Basisbildung für Jugendliche are represented as young authors and write entertaining, insightful, thoughtful, entertaining, heartfelt and refreshingly honest texts about themselves, their friends, their homeland, their journey, their wishes and dreams and about arriving in Vienna.

For immediate Download or in book form – an exciting change of perspective!

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Freunde finden im Jugendcollege!

Registration for summer college starts

Summer is coming! And to coincide with the summer temperatures, registration is now open for our new free Sommercollege courses for all newly arrived secondary school students!
As part of the Youth College StartWien project, the Summer College offers Viennese secondary school students the opportunity to brush up on their German for school during the summer holidays.

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Kunstprojekt "Ich bin in Wien zu Haus!" - Teilnehmerin im Wienmuseum

I'm at home in Vienna!

An art project shows young people from our Basisbildung courses discovering their new city and photographs them with a clear statement for their new home. In and around the Wienmuseum, the participants discover all sorts of interesting, beautiful and curious things and pose in front of them with a large “I am at home in Vienna!” sign. The resulting images reflect the diversity of Vienna, tell stories and give integration a face.

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