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The Startcoaching advice center offers new immigrants from third countries and the EEA comprehensive settlement support. The aim of the branch support is to give the clients the best possible start and a successful integration in Vienna.

In more than 20 languages, newly arrived individuals receive information about their rights and duties, along with helpful tips for their initial steps in the city. During the initial orientation session, questions regarding all integration-related topics can be asked. If needed, Startcoaching also assists in finding a suitable German course or provides referrals to other counseling facilities.

The advisory service is part of StartWien of the City of Vienna – Integration and Diversity and also includes information modules for groups and the Vienna Language Voucher (Wiener Sprachgutschein).

Experts – often with their own migration experience – offer the information modules in German as well as many other languages. The Vienna Language Voucher is issued as part of the start coaching appointment and is intended to support new immigrants in learning German. It can be redeemed within 30 months for all German course providers certified by the Integration and Diversity Department.


Target group

Newly immigrated people from third countries (subject to disability insurance) and from the EEA who have immigrated as family members, job seekers, self-employed people, students or schoolchildren with their main residence in Vienna
(*newly immigrated = no longer than 2 years in Vienna)

Opening Hours

by appointment

Consultation languages

over 20 most widely spoken first languages


City of Vienna - Integration and Diversity Dresdnerstrasse 91
1200 Vienna



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